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Too psyched for starting school next week so I started planning my outfits already. And I finally found my Harry Potter books!!! YESSSSSS!
Night out :-*

You know that feeling when you’re reading a book and you can just feel the main character. Like their actions were yours and their emotions suddenly touched your heart. When they’d cry a tear would slowly slip down your cheek and when they were happy you couldn’t help but smile in return?
Well that book, it changed me. I’ve learned to not stop. Not stop where I’m going and even if everyone looks down on me things are gonna be okay. Because she said they were gonna be okay. And Jeff did too. And even though you may not realize it, you’ll one day have a Nils in your life that will love you like you were Holly and will cherish every moment spent together. Sleeping in The Shack laying side by side connecting each others warmth and just embracing the moment.

You are loved, and you must learn to love yourself.

Let’s go to the beachbeach
best friend day 

fuck Starbucks for spelling my name wrong doe
shopping on the fourth, yes
Embrace yourself
Love the skin you’re in~